Best reading apps for book lovers

Best Reading Apps

In the earlier days, reading books is manually flipping each page. But now, the reading is different than it used to be. The act is the same but the medium has changed from paging through hardcovers to our phones, tablets, and e-reading devices.

Smartphones have become a gateway to almost everything nowadays from ordering food, online courses, online banking..etc Smartphones can even be used to store tens and thousands of books.

Here is the list of reading apps that you can download on your smartphones irrespective of Android or iOS. These apps have a wide variety of books and you can choose the app that fits your purpose. Read books anytime anywhere.


Wattpad: Best Reading App
Wattpad: Best Reading App

Initially, it was a community for writers which allows the author to promote exciting new reads for the readers. Now, it has become a place that has collections of more than 100 million books and writers. It even allows the users to download the books they wish to read. Anyone with can Wattpad account can access the content and comments and share your thoughts.


This app is highly customizable which allows the users to download the books on their devices and read in pdf files. The app supports formats such as – ePub, PDF, Adobe DRM files, and encrypted files. There is also a premium option where users pay and upload as many books or audiobooks as they wish.

Oodles Ebook Reader

Similar to Aldiko this app is highly customizable and has a collection of books of more than 50,000 categorized into different genres such as romance, fiction, etc. You can also find the books in a different language.

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